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публикувано 12.01.2018 г., 11:57 ч. от Матей Жостов   [ актуализирано 12.01.2018 г., 11:57 ч. ]
Bulgaria remains on the Watch List in 2017. The United States welcomes Bulgaria’s efforts in 2016 to continue to address cable piracy, increase cooperation with stakeholders, cooperate in international law enforcement operations, and develop plans to establish specialized IP prosecutorial units. However, the United States continues to have serious concerns regarding Bulgaria’s protection and enforcement of IP. Online and cable television piracy in Bulgaria remain particularly troubling. This is due in part to gaps in Bulgaria’s law with respect to the exclusive rights granted to right holders, including with respect to copyright enforcement online. The United States recognizes Bulgaria’s attempts to amend its Penal Code and Copyright Law. However, Bulgaria has not yet passed or implemented those legislative proposals, and enforcement of IP remains a concern. For example, the 2007 case against the torrent tracker site – zamunda.net – is still pending in the court system. The United States therefore encourages Bulgaria to make the legal reforms necessary to protect IP adequately and effectively, as well as to enhance its enforcement efforts under existing law, which did not improve in 2016. The United States encourages Bulgaria to enhance the role of the enforcement division responsible for online piracy and to devote the necessary resources to improving the prosecution of IP cases. With respect to the planned specialized IP prosecutorial units, the United States encourages the Prosecutor General to appoint a sufficient number of lawyers to these units, provide detailed guidance and training, and closely monitor and analyze their work. The United States also encourages Bulgaria to take steps to improve the efficiency of its judicial system in dealing with IP cases, and to impose deterrent penalties for those who are convicted of IP crimes. The United States looks forward to continuing to work with Bulgaria to address these and other issues.